Dog Friendly?

One factor you may want to consider is if the city is dog friendly or not. Did you know that Fort Worth was ranked #25 out of 30 US cities as a Pet-Friendly city? According to Pet Insurance Review, not only did Fort Worth make the list, Fort Worth has a lot of pet-friendly businesses, care providers, and professionals. Fort Worth also offers several dog parks and walking trails with doggie “waste stations” along the trails. There are 154 pet friendly restaurants that allow your dogs in their outdoor dining spaces.

Dog Friendly

Howard gets to accompany his owner for dinner.

Plano, TX also made the list, coming in at #28. The city may not offer many dog parks, but it does offer ample outdoor activity space for leashed pets. Plano also has several dog friendly businesses that allow your dog to come in and shop or dine with you.

Dog Friendly

These dogs meet at the local pet store.

If taking your floofster to the dog park, or having him/her accompany you at the nearest pub is important to you, then you want to make sure you move to a place best suited for your floof.

Dog Friendly

Holly loves the dog park.

Wherever you choose to live, always take in consideration your family and your pets. For more BLOG post like this one, be sure to check weekly on Wednesdays for our next blog post.