Last Minute Tips to Help You Have a Merry Christmas

Last Minute Tips

to Help You Have a Merry Christmas

We have compiled a few last minute tips to help you have a Merry Christmas. You know how Santa makes a list, and he checks it twice, well that is exactly what you need to do. There are a few “Must Do’s” you need to check off that list! If you have not finished shopping yet, get that done first! If you have not mailed out any gifts/cards, that needs to happen ASAP. When your shopping and mailing is done, it is time for some fun holiday activities. Baking comes next, then watching your favorite Christmas movies, followed by looking at Christmas lights.

Finish Shopping

If you are like me, you may have some shopping to do between now and Christmas Eve. Be sure to check your list and note any gifts you need to buy.  Making a grocery list would be ideal at this time as well. Before heading out, think about where you need to go and what is close by.  You can map out the best shopping area to maximize your time. For some, it may be best to have a shopping buddy to divide and conquer that list, or maybe going alone is best for you. Whatever you do make a plan and get it done.

Mail Any Last Minute Gifts/Cards

The next important task to check off the list is to mail any last minute gifts/cards. Know that since it is late in the game, your packages may not make it there in time for Christmas, however, it’s better late than never. Who doesn’t like opening a gift even after Christmas? No one! According to the USPS, more than likely, you would need to ship priority between December 19-22 and priority mail express Dec 23. FEDEX and UPS may offer more options. Be sure to check the hours of operation and allow for extra time waiting in line. Now, you are on your way to having a Merry Christmas!



Now that the shopping and mailing is done, it is time to BAKE! Every year we have our favorite recipes we like to make, and not all of them require baking. Our number one must have are Oreo Cookie Balls, they are not only easy to make, but kids can help make them as well.  Another treat I love to bake is Magic Cookie Bars, they are truly the best! Baking  Sugar Cookies and decorate them is a must at this time of the year! Try baking something new this year. Thanks to Instagram, I saw a post about this delicious treat “Texas Trash Pie“, which I will be making soon. When I read “a combination of sweet and salty flavors and creamy and crunchy textures, this unique pie has become a Southern favorite”, I was sold!

Do not neglect this step, because you will want to have some yummy treats to munch on when watching your favorite Christmas movies and take with you when you go look at Christmas lights.


Movie Time

Now that you have finished shopping, mailed the gifts/cards, & baked, it is now MOVIE TIME! Be sure to make time to watch your favorite Christmas movies. There are so many to chooses form new and old. My all time favorite is Christmas Vacation and any Christmas movie with Dolly Parton in it. A family favorite is The Grinch. I like the version that Jim Carrey plays the Grinch, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. According to gold, the “Number 1 Best Christmas Movie of all Time” is “It’s a Wonderful Life” . Whatever choice you make, be sure to take time to sit down and enjoy your favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas Lights

When the hustle and bustle has slowed down, maybe when you are going home from Grandma’s house, take a detour through your local neighborhoods and check out the Christmas lights. During the holidays, iff you will be in the Fort Worth area, there are a couple of places to check out. If loading up the family, along with snacks and hot cocoa, and driving through one of those wonderland trail of lights is your thing, then you might want to check out Texas Motor Speedway “Gift of Lights”  drive-thru experience. If you would rather walk a lighted trail, then Lightscape at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens may be the place for you.

Whatever activities you do, the most important thing to remember is to take time to enjoy the holidays. If the last minute shopping and mailing stresses you out, check out my blog post “Getting Organized For The Holidays“, you can get a head start on next year as well as all of the other holidays within the year.


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