Staging During the Holidays

Staging During the Holidays

When staging during the holidays, try these tips to get buyers in the right spirit! Just because you are selling your home during the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays in your home. You can still decorate your tree and place your favorite holiday decorations around your home, just on a scaled down version of your usual display. You will want to declutter, clean, keep decorations simple, and maintain the outside of your home. Staging your home is important, but enjoying the holidays is just as important.


First on the list is to declutter your home. Go room to room and decide what you can live without during this time, and pack it away. Keep in mind that you need to declutter as much as possible to make room for some holiday decorations. Look in every nook and cranny, you will be surprised what you will find collecting dust in the corners. Do not forget the closets and built-in shelves as well. Also, mail and other private documents should be put away in a safe place. Once all of the clutter is dealt with, don’t forget to look at your furniture and decide if you need to declutter your furnishings as well. If you have small rooms you definitely do not want it packed with furniture.


Now that you are done with the declutter process, it is time to clean! Rather you clean or hire a cleaning service, be sure to do a deep clean. All surfaces need to shine and all carpets need to be steam cleaned. Keep in mind what you looked for when you first bought your home. All burnt out lightbulbs should be replaced inside the home.

Keep Decorations Simple

You can still have fun and enjoy decorating your home for the holidays, just keep decorations simple. By adding some natural decorations, you will create a cozy feel. Arrange some pinecones in a bowl, and hang an evergreen wreath on your front door. You also want to keep in mind your home’s aesthetic. Using decorations within the same color scheme will create a cohesive look. Make sure your decorations bring out the best in your home. If you have built-in shelves, add a few decorations to draw attention to those areas. When picking a tree for your space, make sure you get one that works well in the space you have. If you have tall ceilings, get a taller tree. For smaller rooms look for a skinny tree. Simple decorations can still deliver a “WOW” factor to your over all look.

Maintain the Outside of the House

It is very important to maintain the outside of your house as well. Again, feel free to decorate outside, just don’t go too crazy. This year, just focus on simple decor such as lights. Hanging lights on your roof line will accentuate your outside curb appeal. I would also add some lights to any trees in the front yard. Replace any burnt out lights around the outside of the home. 

I don’t know about you, but when I have looked at houses, I can’t help but wonder where I would put my tree and other decorations I have. Use this time to give potential buyers an idea of what the home could look like during the holidays. The buyers can then envision their own Christmas decorations, this may  help draw buyers in to make a decision to buy your home.  For more tips to help you get your home ready to show, check out this link from Pinterest.We hope these tips help you to prepare your home for showing during the holidays!

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